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Sports Mouthguards, Splints and Sleep Appliances


The Dental Co. offer a complete range of Sports Mouth Guards, Night Splints and Sleep Apnoea appliances. Our clinicians can discuss your options and recommend the relevant appliance for your specific situation. .

Sports Mouthguards

The team at The Dental Co. appreciate that physical activity and team sports are a positive and fun part of everyday life, however trauma occurring in sport is one of the leading causes of broken/ compromised teeth. Mouth Guards can help to best ensure that you are best protected from unavoidable accidents that may occur.

The Dental Co. offer form fitting, custom made Mouth Guards that are personalized specifically to you. The materials used to make these mouth guards are more durable and have a longer life span than generic Mouth Guards that can be purchased from the chemist. A small investment into the safety and longevity of your teeth.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Aponea is a sleep disorder that is characterized by shallow and infrequent breathing or complete pauses in breathing during sleep. These episodes are called aponea and can last anywhere from several seconds to several minutes. The Dental Co. in conjunction with a Sleep Physician offer appliances that can aid in reducing these episodes and help you to achieve a more peaceful and satisfactory sleep. Using this device will ‘gently adjust the forward movement of your jaw, which in turn opens up your airway to help you breath easily and sleep restfully’.

Splint/ NIght Guard

‘Clenching’ or ‘grinding’ is the act of gnashing your teeth together, often whilst sleeping. Having the teeth in contact too much, with too much force can lead to a loss of enamel, which is the outer protective layer of the tooth structure. Ongoing clenching/ grinding can cause irreversible damage to the tooth, as well as causing jaw muscle stiffness and in some cases headaches.

At The Dental Co. we offer a number of options that can help to stop any potential damage in its tracks and help to maintain the integrity of your teeth. A ‘Splint’ or ‘night guard’ is an acrylic device that you wear at night time to protect your teeth and muscles from the grinding habit. Splints help to preserve your teeth and can eliminate future problems that might occur as a result of the constant wear and tear.

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