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What is a dental restoration?

A dental restoration can be either a ‘filling’, an inlay/onlay or a crown. They are used to repair teeth and restore structure, strength and appearance when a tooth has been damaged due to decay, trauma or wear. The type of restoration that is appropriate depends on the amount of tooth structure that has been lost. The Dental Co is an amalgam-free practice and uses the most advanced tooth coloured materials to restore function and ensure a natural, seamless appearance.


For small to medium sized areas of damage, a tooth can be restored with a resin composite filling which bonds directly to your tooth. Resin composite is a material made from plastic and fine glass particles. It is not ideal for large restorations as it can chip, wear or stain over time and therefore may not last as long as other types of restorations.

Inlays, onlays and crowns

When larger amounts of tooth structure has been lost (e.g. more than 40%) we may suggest an inlay or onlay. A crown may even be recommended if substantial amounts of tooth structure has been lost. Typically, these restorations are made out of ceramic which, compared to resin composite, is stronger, more natural looking and resistant to stain.

CAD-CAM dentistry

Traditionally, a ceramic restoration (inlay, onlay or crown) is custom-made in a laboratory after taking a detailed impression of the prepared tooth and then bonded to the tooth’s surface in a second visit; in between these visits a temporary filling material is used to cover the tooth. Often it takes about 2 weeks for the porcelain restoration to be made in the laboratory and sent to our surgery. At The Dental Co we offer CAD-CAM (Computer Assisted Design and Computer Assisted Manufacturing) technology that allows us to take a 3D digital model of your tooth after it has been prepared and then have a computer-driven robot mill and shape a ceramic block into your restoration. This means it is possible to create ceramic inlays, onlays or crowns in just a single visit without the need for impressions, temporary fillings or crowns or multiple appointments.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

At The Dental Co. we offer comprehensive dental rehabilitation for those experiencing real functional issues with broken down or worn teeth and gum disease. With a range of options available amongst a group of experienced dental professionals working together to achieve a healthy and bright smile.

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