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Child Dental Benefits Schedule

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Child Dental Benefits Schedule


Medicare Child Dental Benefits schedule is accepted at the Dental Company. Financial support for basic dental services for children 2-17.

Read more about Dentistry for Children at The Dental Company.

Eligibility basics

  1. Children age between 2-17 years on any one day of the calendar year

  2. Receive, or their family, guardian or carer receives, certain government benefits such as Family Tax Benefit A for at least part of that calendar year

  3. Are eligible for Medicare

We offer bulk billing facilities to patients, provided you are CDBS approved. You cannot claim a benefit under the Child Dental Benefits schedule and from a private health insurer for the same dental service.

Eligibility is based on the details held by Centrelink and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

If your circumstances change and you need to update your family details, you can do this:
  • by accessing your Centrelink online account at

  • by calling the department of Veterans Affairs on 133 254

For any further information regarding this scheme you can go to
Conditions do apply, so please advise when making the booking. You can book in an appointment here.

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